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Print this form
Step 2:
Enter information on form
Step 3:
Tape the above form to the top of your Console
Step 4:
Place padding under console, place in box, enclose payment or circle payment method, mark FRAGILE.
         Ship just the bare unit, no wires or controllers please.
       (the postal service provides a flat rate box that will fit your Console)

Step 5:
Ship to:

Drum Electronics
42 S Whitehall Road
West Norriton, PA 19403
Drop off welcome.  

Shipping links:

- Return Shipping Tracking numbers sent by paypal or please email with your last name for tracking number or status updates.

- Please note: if using Paypal we will lookup your last name when repairs are complete and ship using the
paypal shipping features, else we will send a paypal invoice when your Console is ready to ship.